[thesite] what's wrong with my site? which server is down?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Sep 14 14:17:20 CDT 2001

rewd -

it looks like fastdnsservers.com(the people that put rudy.ca into an IP, 
DNS services) are having some problems with their network. if you open 
up a DOS window and type


you'll see it stop around a hostname like 
'core1-S0.lansing.corecomm.net' - the IP address is that of the machine 
that does your DNS for you - the core1-S0 is a router 'on the way' to 
your DNS provider.. the next router in the link doesn't seem to be 
responding, and as a result, our browsers can't turn rudy.ca into the IP 
address they need to see your website :)

hope that makes sense

rudy wrote:
>>>my isp doesn't take phone calls
>>WTF?! --who runs your dns stuff for rudy.ca ? --fastdnsservers.com ?
> i'm not sure any more!!
> i thought i understood this stuff, but i realize now i'm really
> hopeless at it

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