[thesite] rating images

Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Sat Sep 15 12:14:21 CDT 2001

> surfing the site today in Lynx, and noted that the rating info shows 
> up as:
> Author: aardvark rating6.gif
> the code that contributes to that:
> <a href="/cubes_definition/index.html" title="Between 21 and 30 
> Articles Written"><img border="0" alt="rating6.gif" title="Between 
> 21 and 30 Articles Written" 
> src="images/rating/6alt_rating06.gif"></a>
> just thought we might want to change that 'alt' to something more 
> useful, especially for browsers that don't support 'title' (like NN4.x, 
> etc.)...
> perhaps match the 'title' attribute from the href?

How about changing the title value to something more
specific - "aardvark has written 27 articles" - and
having the alt value say basically the same thing,
though shorter (text browsers in mind), like "(27
articles written)"?

Oh yeah, and I'd still prefer having the cubes aligned
"absmiddle". :-)

silent is the new loud.

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