[thesite] rating images

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Sep 17 16:25:49 CDT 2001

i guess the reason i put ratingX.gif in the 'alt' attribute is cus i'm 
one of those "Dont put descriptive text in the alt attribute(i've seen 
it abused way to many times)" kinda guys.. but i see how it could be 
beneficial here.. so you're basically saying to make the title and alt 
attrib's the same ?



aardvark wrote:

> surfing the site today in Lynx, and noted that the rating info shows 
> up as:
> Author: aardvark rating6.gif
> the code that contributes to that:
> <a href="/cubes_definition/index.html" title="Between 21 and 30 
> Articles Written"><img border="0" alt="rating6.gif" title="Between 
> 21 and 30 Articles Written" 
> src="images/rating/6alt_rating06.gif"></a>
> just thought we might want to change that 'alt' to something more 
> useful, especially for browsers that don't support 'title' (like NN4.x, 
> etc.)...
> perhaps match the 'title' attribute from the href?

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