[thesite] CodeFest: Flights and LOTTD

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.com
Fri Sep 21 12:44:16 CDT 2001

Feedback for LOTTD:

Unified login across the *.e.o sites - I've got some ideas on how to do
this.  I know there was some talk before about this.  Anybody want to get
into particulars now and come up with the plan?

Allow for articles to appear in more than one category on w.e.o. - if Jeff
won't do it I'll do it.  :)  I feel this one is rather important.  But, it
does raise some issues to decide upon before we jump in there.  Again, do we
want to discuss particulars now?  Some of the nuances of this affect 5 and 6
(Linking related articles and tracking views)


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