[thesite] Unified Login

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Fri Sep 21 14:06:59 CDT 2001

>Now, since evolt all falls within the .evolt.org tld, a properly formatted
>cookie could be valid for all domains in the realm (deo, feo, weo, teo, etc)
>and sent with every page request regardless of the domain.  If this works,
>then you do not need the peppering of images to get the cookies to the
>client's machine.

Actually, you would need the image. The UID stored in each subsite's
database (in the users.cookie field) would have to be updated. Though, I'm
sure if you knew that there is no unified database, you'd have suggested
this originally.

But, the above assumes we change something about how it currently
works. Right now, all *.evolt.org domains that run a copy of the evolt
code can get at the cookie and recognize it (and this is without changing
anything about the code... a fresh install picks up the cookie, which was
a nice suprise). So, all that works already... as long as the subsite is
running the evolt code and an up-to-date member table. Which leads to...

The other issue is making sure that Bob User doesn't have to 
register/signup in each subsite in order to access all subsites.

Really, what I'd like to see happen (and this is a personal preference) is
the creation of something like common.evolt.org or global.evolt.org (the
actual creation of a separat subdomain isn't my point) where certain
pieces of evolt that are common and not specific to weo, feo, *eo and
doesn't rely on that single database. I would feel a lot more comfertable
involving weo's and feo's database in the same script if it was on
common.evolt.org rather than food.evolt.org. But, maybe I'm just weird
like that.

Really, though, IMO this is a subject that begs to be discussed
face-to-face as it's quite involved and there are a lot of
possibilities... and I would be suprised if that item on the LOTTD is any
more than discussion and maybe initial steps. That is, unless danno
already has it figured out (he worked on this a while ago) and just isn't
telling anyone...


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