[thesite] Unified Login

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Sep 21 14:13:14 CDT 2001

Warden, Matt wrote:

> But, the above assumes we change something about how it currently
> works. Right now, all *.evolt.org domains that run a copy of the evolt
> code can get at the cookie and recognize it (and this is without changing
> anything about the code... a fresh install picks up the cookie, which was
> a nice suprise). So, all that works already... as long as the subsite is
> running the evolt code and an up-to-date member table. 

true.. what about non-CF sites though like d.e.o ?(just wondering :)

> Really, what I'd like to see happen (and this is a personal preference) is
> the creation of something like common.evolt.org or global.evolt.org (the

my original though about the login stuff was something like:

the login boxes on the side of www.e.o POST to a site like 
http://login.evolt.org/checklogin.cfm or something. that checklogin.cfm 
checks the information from the login boxes against the live DB. if 
everything is kosher, it sets a cookie of somesort and sends you back to 
where you came from, logged in.

this is a bonus because it means we don't have to give everyone access 
to the user DB. also, any *.evolt.org site can just add a little snippet 
of text to provide login cabapilities to their site.

that said, i tried this, and did have *some* success. the problems 
seemed to come when i tried it from CGI or PHP pages. butt.......

> Really, though, IMO this is a subject that begs to be discussed
> face-to-face as it's quite involved and there are a lot of

ya, i think getting 5 of us together to work out the issue and 
brainstorm would be pretty beneficial


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