[thesite] Re: full list ordered by ranking (was Old Article Revival)

mantruc javier at msm.cl
Fri Sep 21 14:41:35 CDT 2001

[about old resurrected articles]

nobody said the current articles would go away faster...
can't the page just be longer down?

[full list ordered by ranking]

just called from a "more" link in the highest rated articles box

"Daniel J. Cody" wrote:
> sidebar would be the best place for this IMO.. we don't want to bump
> current articles off the front page any faster just to show articles
> that got bumped off too fast/too long ago :)
> .djc.
> Warden, Matt wrote:
> > Only for articles with 5+ ratings, like the sidebar. I'm thinking this
> > wouldn't be too difficult a task, so we might want to add that to the
> > todolist. I'll certainly take this if no one else does...

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