[thesite] CodeFest: Flights and LOTTD

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.com
Fri Sep 21 16:48:16 CDT 2001


: yes, there indeed appears to be an association table in place.  at this
: point in time it's definitely not in use though.  there's far more to
: consider in this situation though.  take a look at the categorys table and
: notice the connection to the cattype table.  i stand by my original
: statement that it's much more involved than simply using an association

Alright, I'll bite.  Please explain.  What is the differentiation between
categorys and cattype for?  How is the difference currently implemented on

: i think i'd lean towards calling it the preferred category, as opposed to
: the default.  it's just semantics though.

Fine by me.

: there are far too many other things that already deserve development time
: at codefest to have time left to dedicate to this.  instead, there should
: be finalizing discussion taking place on the existing issues in order to
: reach concensus on solutions before development.

I'm sure that you are right that the plates are already full.  It just
caught my eye on the List of Things to Do.  But, it sounds like, from what
you say, that it should not be on the list.  Does anybody else agree?  What
other items need to be considered for removal this time around?


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