[thesite] New Look Tip Harvester

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Sep 22 13:34:00 CDT 2001

On Sep 22, Dean Mah had something to say about Re: [thesite] New Look Tip...

>Warden, Matt writes:
>> Can we change how the individual tip is linked? Currently the link
>> surrounds the tip type text, which implies (to me) that clicking on
>> it will get me a list of tips of that type. See:
>What would you suggest?

I dunno. Maybe the first N characters like a.e.o's email section?

>> (mwarden strikes off "CF" from the list of things dean can't do and
>> realizes only "ASP" and "Brain Surgery" remain)
>If I am ever forced to learn ASP, I might as well take up brain
>surgery as well and give myself a frontal lobotomy.  :P

... should have seen that one coming...

negative points for originality, I'm afraid.


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