[thesite] Content Upgrades

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Sep 22 13:49:22 CDT 2001

Joshua Olson wrote on 21/9/01 11:16 pm

>Multi-authorship: again, fairly straightforward... multiple people can
>collaborate on an article until it's marked as completed by the team leader.
>But, there are issues to consider here.  Do you lock the article so only one
>person can edit it?  What about multi-page articles?  Does the team leader
>assign pages to people, or is it a free grab of pages?  How about locking?

You have 3 options:
1) Only one person actually puts the article into the system, but can
    nominate co-authors
2) A linear workflow where one person puts the article into the system,
   another adds their bit, and repeat until everyone's contributed (each 
   only gets one go)
3) A CVS type system with checkout/checkin.


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