[thesite] New Look Tip Harvester

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 22 13:57:47 CDT 2001

First N characters of what?

- The canonical tip type?  Most of the tip tips are short in length so
  link only parts of it doesn't make sense.

- The given tip type?  A lot or most of the tips do not have types
  assigned to them by their authors.

- The subject?  Pulled from the message usually doesn't make sense
  since the message subject and the tip are usually independent.

- The tip?  There's probably not enough context in the beginning of a
  tip to make this useful, especially for code fragments.  Although we
  could try it.  What would column would you put this under?


Warden, Matt writes:

> >Warden, Matt writes:
> >
> >> Can we change how the individual tip is linked? Currently the link
> >> surrounds the tip type text, which implies (to me) that clicking on
> >> it will get me a list of tips of that type. See:
> >
> >What would you suggest?
> I dunno. Maybe the first N characters like a.e.o's email section?

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