[thesite] Content Upgrades

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Sep 22 16:59:32 CDT 2001

Olly Hodgson wrote on 22/9/01 10:39 pm

>> 1) Only one person actually puts the article into the system, but can
>>     nominate co-authors
>> 2) A linear workflow where one person puts the article into the system,
>>    another adds their bit, and repeat until everyone's contributed (each
>> author
>>    only gets one go)
>> 3) A CVS type system with checkout/checkin.
>I favour a CVS type system - it saves people overwriting other peoples
>work/two people editing the document at once etc etc, and allows more than
>one bite at the cherry IYSWIM.

I think so, but it would be useful to nominate an 'owner' amongst the 
who's accountable for the article as a whole, and can formally submit
it for approval and say "We've finished writing it", to ensure clarity
and avoid the "Is this finished or not?" debate.


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