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Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.com
Sat Sep 22 17:49:04 CDT 2001

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From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
Subject: Re: [thesite] Content Upgrades

: > it would be useful to nominate an 'owner' amongst the writers,
: > who's accountable for the article as a whole, and can formally
: > submit it for approval
: +1
: not to mention, this is the "least pain" method
: the database supports only one author per article
: honest-to-goodness multiple authors per article requires
: a *substantial* database change, as well as tearing the code apart
: so, primary author is the best way, in my opinion
: secondary or additional or co-authors can be acknowledged
: in the body of the article, maybe in an h4 or something

It depends on what the point of having a multi-authorship system, I suppose.
If it is supposed to let you search the articles by author and include the
same article under different people, then simply including a reference in
the body would not be enough.  If the idea was to give "cubes" to multiple
people for participation, then again, a reference in the body would not be
enough.  A change would have to be made to incorporate these two things, but
they can be accomplished without any complex CVS system like we've

It would require a table to link authors to content, a step in the
generation to give credit to authors and modification of search algorithms,
but it's not really too extensive in comparison.

If the goal of multi-authorship is to truly delegate copy creation rights to
multiple people, then a very serious db change and interface creation would
be in order... IOW, it could not be coded in a weekend as it is is a truly
expansive mod from the current design.

 From what .jeff mentioned, it was really hard to ascertain the purpose of
the multi-authorship.  So I ask the question, why have multi-authorship?
What does it bring to evolt that cannot already be accomplished in other
ways?  Will people use it?

: aard's gonna shoot me, 'cause he wants an h2 and an h3
: in betwixt the article h1 and any subsequent h4, but i still
: say that's crap, you don't have to have the intermediate
: levels...  it'll even validate...

H1 are for indexing, not layout.  Add a style to your H tags to change there
size, color, etc.  :)


: ... but then, i'm a hacker, not a structure maven...
: rude

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