[thesite] add: LOTTD

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 24 11:38:29 CDT 2001

> From: "Joshua Olson" <joshua at alphashop.com>
> At aardvark's page there is a link to the HTML Validate at w3c.  I
> clicked it, but it seems that evolt no longer validates.

hold on there, slugger... take a look at that link again:

it's validating the templates i built, *not* the evolt.org site...

> All of the errors are for character entities, specifically the &#139;
> characters in the page(s) tool at the bottom of the article list and
> the &$149; characters in the sidebar.  :(

now, the current site *does* throw these errors in the validator...

what bugs me is that a month (or so) ago i validated a bunch of my 
articles, and the evolt site (with my articles) validated... i don't 
recall having problems with character entities before...

and the validator UI looks different, which makes me think that 
perhaps the validator itself is different...

if so, we need to find out *why* entities are no longer valid, instead 
of just running around and changing code... otherwise, we;ll find 
ourselves implementing hacks (like images)...

*don't* do a damn thing to the code until we know *why* our 
entities no longer validate...

> Should we address this?


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