[thesite] add: LOTTD

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Sep 24 13:36:18 CDT 2001


 > At 10:54 AM 9/24/2001, you wrote:
 > So, every time I log in, I gotta click that link?
 > ick.

agreed.  that's why we store the scheme_id in the database of the 
stylesheet they selected.  we can fabricate the ids without inputting all 
the data in the scheme tables.  we finish off the prototype by naming all 
the .css files with an id (1.css, 2.css, 3.css, etc.).  we'd also change 
isaac.css to 0.css as the session variable (and the scheme_id from the 
users table) would default to 0.

make sense?


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