[thesite] Headlines from evolt.org for 04-SEP-01

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Sep 24 21:50:21 CDT 2001

> Did you read the rest of what I wrote?

Yes, you -1'ed without waiting for actual text, then said that you'd buy
into any text I proposed. How does that make sense?

> But, I don't want it to be a hard-push.  I'd like to see what you have in
> mind, before I make a final decision.

Then why throw in a -1 before content is even proposed? Quite strange...

> The headline notices should be encouraging and friendly... and an
> additional

Yes, far more encouraging than "here's a date, and some urls" as existed
before I suggested extra text...

> Please propose something .. I'll comment further at that time.

I did that 5 minutes ago.


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