[thesite] Tip Harvest: Prev / Next Tip

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 27 11:18:11 CDT 2001

Just realized that the previous and next tip do not work when sorting
on the various fields.

When you are viewing the tip detail, the prev and next links link to
the tip_id-1 and tip_id+1, respectively.  This doesn't make sense if
the tips are not sorted by date.

So I need the logical prev and next tip_id as generated by the sort.
Any thoughts?

I could re-run the query in the tip detail template or I could pass
the ordered list in from the tip summary template.  Which is the best
way?  Is there a different way?  How can I pass it the ordered
tip_id's to the tip detail template efficiently (the URL passes all of
the parameters to the tip detail template)?


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