[thesite] Tip Harvest: Prev / Next Tip

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 27 12:57:32 CDT 2001

rudy writes:

> when you go to retrieve the tip details from the database, use
> subselects to get them

Interesting.  Still running a query against the database though...
But I'll trust you when you say it's efficient.  :)

> >... or I could pass the ordered list in from the tip summary template.  
> can you describe how "pass in" would work?
> where's the ordered list stored?  a cf array?

That's kind of the question I had.  I'm not a CF person so I don't
know what methods are available to pass this data around and what is
the most efficient way.  My initial thought is just to pass it all as
part of the URL since the links from the summary to the detail pass
all of the parameters.  Something like:


and parse that in the CF template to get 3 and 1 for the prev and next
tip_id, respectively.  Of course, the URL may get too long and break
the whole thing.


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