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Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 27 17:06:40 CDT 2001

rudy writes:

> we're fux0red on both the tip type and author name, though,

Okay, that's what I thought.

> without doing a join inside each of the subselects...
> ... but it would be only one join, not two like the outer query
> shoot, let me think about it

Umm, yeah, okay.  I'm glad you're thinking about this.  I would've
programmed the brute force method by now.

> we also have to handle tips that don't have a type or author, right?

Yes and no.  Most tips have authors.  There's only a few that don't.
Which is because the the script that parses thelist messages can't
pull a hdr_fromname if the person's e-mail client hasn't set it.  I
could force it to use the hdr_fromemail as the name in that case if it
makes it easier.

Tips that don't have a type should be listed as "Unclassified".

> gotta go make dinner for the kids
> back tonight, perhaps late

Coolio.  Don't stress about it too much.  It's not a priority.  No one
even noticed it except me.  :)


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