[thesite] theheadlines?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 10 13:04:01 CDT 2002

.jeff thesite at lists.evolt.org


> From: Daniel J. Cody

> the things that need to get done to make this happen
> are clearly defined in this message michele sent out
> feb 5:
> http://lists.evolt.org/thesitearchive/2002-February/004910.html
> specifically #5 and #8 - the hook from weo into
> theheadlines list needs to be implemented.

the list of things in that message are only one person's idea about what
needs to happen.  #5 and #8 are nice-to-haves, not must-haves.  if we really
want to give people a way to sign up for theheadlines, there's nothing
stopping anyone from putting in a link on the join/edit account page to
theheadlines list sub page.

let's get on with implementing theheadlines list already.



Whoa there cowboy ;) .. go back and reread my original message .. and the
entire thread... please.

The weo code needs to be updated *before* we implement this new list .. or
even better at the same time.  Why?  We're copying the entire thelist
subscription base over to theheadlines.  In order to keep everything in
synch, we need to update weo's subscription page so that there's an option
on there for people to subscribe to theheadslines also.  You and Matt were
discussing some CF hack or something (sorry if that's the wrong word .. not
meant in a bad way) .. but the "post" commands to MG need to change on the
current Join page to send commands to the two different lists.  If weo
hasn't been changed and we just run with the new list .. in a day's time,
the membership will be out of synch.  Those new subscribers would not have
been added to the new list (cos we aren't copying the members twice)... and
those new subscribers won't be getting theheadlines from the list  .. and
hence will not even know it exists.

Also, Dean needs to make whatever changes necessary to send out theheadlines
info to the new list (not thelist).  The announcement letter that Rudy had
originally written needs to be refined and sent to the new subscriber base.
An article should be prepared for Community News announcing the new list.
leo should be updated with the new list.

These are not "wants" .. there needs to be an order in doing things.
Everyone involved needs to be on board and to make sure that we can make the
transition as smooth as possible.  I don't care how you guys all do it, but
COMMUNICATE.  When the new code is updated on teo, then let Dan know
(message to thesite) .. when that's done, we're in a better position to say
something like at 6:00 EST we'll copy the membership base for thelist to
theheadlines, roll up the code from test to live, send out the announcement
letter, approve the community news article, and then dean can change where
the headline script points to.

Keep in mind, the above is just a rough estimate .. someone else can take
the ball and get all the pieces together and make sure those individuals
involved with key tasks are available and able to make the above changes at
the same time.

Changes to leo aren't as important as ensuring the above gets done
relatively simultaneously.

So, whoever wants to coordinate the various tasks with the different
individuals involved .. go for it.  But don't just create a new list and
copy a subscription base without ensuring that the sign up (and edit pages)
on weo have been updated to reflect the new list.



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