[thesite] theheadlines?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 10 14:08:00 CDT 2002

.jeff thesite at lists.evolt.org
Wed Apr 10 13:31:03 2002

> The weo code needs to be updated *before* we implement
> this new list .. or even better at the same time.  Why?
> We're copying the entire thelist subscription base over
> to theheadlines.  In order to keep everything in synch,
> we need to update weo's subscription page so that
> there's an option on there for people to subscribe to
> theheadslines also.

this is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.  we could just as easily put a
link to theheadlines list sub page and let the user go through the motions
of subbing themselves.

> These are not "wants" .. there needs to be an order in
> doing things.

some are needs.  the ones i mentioned are wants.  we can move forward
without technical changes to weo's signup process.

in other words, don't wait for me.  let's get theheadlines implemented asap.




Ok .....

In talking to Jeff on ICQ and Dan and Javi in IRC .. there seems to be some
confusion on what needs to be done here.  So, I'll let you guys sort it out
and decide who's doing what and when .. yadda, yadda.

Jeff thinks only theheadlines should be on weo .. yet Javi and Dan want both
thelist and theheadlines on weo .. and I agree with them.  But that requires
the code to be modified before we launch the new list so that the subscriber
base can be copied and then new subscribers can decide for themself which if
any lists (one's a list, one's a notification service ;) they want to join.

So, let's hash it out .. and decide what to do, when, by whom, and how.  :)


(*the trying to be organized one .. but I don't have any time for this*)

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