[thesite] Stuff to do

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 17 16:06:00 CDT 2002

matt wrote:

we need to get a todo list together again. i'd like to do some stuff too
when i have a bit of free time here or there.. and not have to spend half
of the time figuring out what i can do. yanno?

so, if anyone else knows of stuff we need to do, we can put together a
list. michele you wanna keep track of it? if not, i will. i might put it
on your site, tho, if that's ok, because there's a lot of stuff like that
on there already.


Sorry, reading only via archives at the moment .. until after the move. ;)

Yeah .. go ahead and start a list and keep it on my site there.  That would
be awesome.  Something like we had at codefest .. that worked well for us.
I've got a bunch of other stuff I can add too .. give me a couple days tho.
I need to get some client work done tonight and the car has to be taken in.

Holler if you have any leo questions .. I'm heading out for a bit, but
hopefully won't be too long.


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