[thesite] Those hiding in the dark .. ;)

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 17 21:38:01 CDT 2002

Hi David and Ken ..

Welcome aboard.  Until Matt can get new people added to the tip harvester
classification tool thingamajig ...

There's something else that needs to be done .. on a consistent basis and
that's to test out new stuff.  I won't repeat my long-assed email from the
other day (http://lists.evolt.org/thesitearchive/2002-April/005196.html) ..
but if either of you guys are interested in taking over the
testing/debugging/qa/qc part of teo (test.evolt.org) web site that would be

Any problems or questions, just ask here.  If you see a bug, check it out on
the main weo (www.evolt.org) site, if its not duplicatable on there, post it
here as a [Bug - teo].  And vice-versa .. if you find something on weo but
it's just fine on teo, that's a good indication that that bug has already
been taken care of and will be rolled up the next time we roll test to live.

When testing various elements, its always a good idea to test on teo as a
logged in user, a general user (not logged in) and an Admin.  If you are
going to be doing this, let Jeff know and he can change your priv level on

Hope I haven't scare ya away!!!  :)

We'll get some kick-ass organization going very soon .. as this point I
can't even find where I packed the summer clothes and its 80F here in April
.. it was 34 last week.


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