[thesite] What do you want to do ?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 17 23:11:01 CDT 2002

Staring a new thread .. cos I feel like it ;)

Obviously many of us are coming to this latest scenario with very different
yet almost close ideas.  There are misunderstandings and grudges and past
grievances that may never get sorted out.

This is just a suggestion .. I hope those of you that *love* evolt as much
as I do will participate.  How about we all take a week or two to jot down
on paper (ok type on a web space or email):

What it is that each of us wants to do for evolt.org.  Some possible ideas:

* list administration
* editing/reviewing/approving articles
* answering general contact email (except for meo and lists)
* meo and all that it encompasses, creating new accounts, assisting users
* deal with installed software issues and plan upgrades (for all the
* network administration - looking after servers (locally and remotely)
* hardware, bandwidth issues
* IA mixed with designing (or redesigning) various subsites
* actual pixel wranglers (designers/css)
* coders - to code in CF for teo/weo/leo(minimal) [and feo] and other sub
* coders - to code in PHP for deo (in addition to Simon :)
* testers/content writers/developers for teo/weo
* database gurus - work on ueue (to a degree) and responsible for overseeing
all major database schema changes/required for all sites, including tuning
* data guys - individuals that can work with oracle, add tables, modify
existing schemas,  set up new schemas as required -  work approved by gurus
* advocacy issues - press releases
* financial issues - collecting of monies and review of disbursements
* sellers/promotional  - tagwear, mouse pads
* project managers in charge of various subsites and ensuring that the
things are getting done that relate to their subsite (e.g. weo, leo, meo,
* documenting specifications for new projects/ideas (project requirements
gathering, consensus, etc.)
* user/administrator documentation for each project (e.g. user's guide for
* tip harvester (in addition to Dean)
* tip categorization
* xml, xsl feeds
* other tasks that I am sure to have forgotten.

I'm not talking about access or privileges or anything like that.  I'm
asking for how each person wants to contribute back to evolt in a manner
that they enjoy and that will make them feel like they are making a
worthwhile contribution.

So, make your own list .. determine what it is YOU want to do .. how much
time you could commit on a regular basis .. which tasks you would like to
undertake as a "backup/emergency" person when the need arises, etc.

This isn't about power, or titles (Admin) or anything like that.  It's a
fact-gathering exercise to determine what each person would like to do and
how they'd like to contribute.

Me, I'd like to be "Senior QA/QC Developer" on teo .. responsible for
testing, coordinating bugs/changes with Jeff (and others) .. reporting to
the person in charge of moving the code on teo to production (weo).  I'd
also like to help develop the teo web site in other ways, via mock ups or
directly in the code and Jeff (or someone else) wraps the CF around it.  I'd
also like to continue in the capacity of keeping things organized and in
order on thesite.  Making sure the various teams have enough people to get
things done, finding new volunteers, putting them together with a team
that's needed, etc.  Ensuring that things don't get lost in the shuffle and
that consensus has been achieved before implementation begins, etc.   [Note,
this is not comprehensive nor well thought out .. I'll answer the survey
when I have more time.]

I'd like to also send this to thesite for their input.  I think it's a
worthwhile exercise for everyone.

It would probably be easier to keep track of, if people send me their
responses or URL's and I'll coordinate everything together and post em for
all to see at the same time.

All submissions due to me by May 3rd (I'll see if Dan needs an extension
since he returns on the 1st .. anyone else requiring an extension, please
let me know)

If you don't want to participate at all .. that's fine too.



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