[thesite] Status of everything I can think of at the moment ... ;)

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sun Apr 28 02:01:00 CDT 2002

Hey ya'll .....

Just a note to bring myself up to date... I've been gone 6-8 weeks while I
sold my Condo in Toronto and moved into an apartment to Ottawa, Ontario.  It
has been an experience.. hehe.

So ......

What's happening on this list?  What's being worked on, what's in progress,

Headlines .. last I remember there needed to be some work done to add it to
the weo site.  However, there was a disagreement (i.e. not a consensus) on
how best to proceed with this and if in fact the addition of this list to
weo was necessary at this time or not.  Can someone (i.e. Dan, Jeff, Javier)
please provide an update on the status, what was decided if anything and how
we are proceeding?  Is there anything I, personally, need to do?

Project List .. Matt, did  you create anything?  Is it on my meo site, on
the wiki, or .. umm .. I dunno?  ;)

Dean, do you have enough individuals to look after tip classification?  Can
you teach Matt and/or Garrett how to go about adding individuals to be
allowed to classify tips?  If necessary, of course, I'm not sure if you have
enough people right now or not.

Adrian, what's up with the CSS files?  Have you taken over the
management/modifications of them?  Or, am I continuing to look after them?
Is there anything that needs to be done now?

The CMS Code ... has anyone volunteered to test/debug teo so that we may
roll the code up to production?  Ideally, we should have 1-2 testers that
follow this list closely, double-check that whatever changes get made work
correctly and as intended and that the changes correspond to the changelog
which gets filled out by the developers (usually .jeff).  Has anyone done
this in the past 6-8 weeks?  I sent out an email about two weeks ago asking
for volunteers to do this, but I don't think anyone responded.  So, anyone

Simon, any progress on your ver. 2 of the code for deo?  Do you still need
volunteers for that project?

Evolt redesign .. what's the status? Who's working on it?  Did we decide to
follow through with Miriam's suggestion of a "design contest"?

Garrett, I know you and I haven't had a minute to spare to even look at the
PHPGroupWare stuff.  What would you like to do with this?  Should we try to
slot in some time over the next few weeks to take a serious look at this
program?  Is anyone on this list familiar with this program, that wants to
help Garrett, Dan and I decide if it is something we want to pursue further,
mainly as a tool to help keep track of various projects, tasks,
responsibilities, etc. ?

The voting application .. now I realize that neither Garrett nor I have made
an assessment if the PHPGroupware voting system would be adequate or not to
meet our requirements as outlined by Amanda available somewhere on the Wiki,
but I can't seem to find it at the moment.  So assuming logically so, that
the PHP version will not meet our needs, the main requirement being to tie
into the weo DB, what's the status?  Who's working on this?  Jeff, logically
you should be leading .. are others working with you on this?

Matt, status on leo HTML/CSS updates that we discussed last week?  Did you
present the task to your colleague/friend?  Is this progressing?

Rudy, have you made an assessment and plan of the DB changes required to
categorize the various categories.  See this page for more detailed
information: http://members.evolt.org/Mishka/Words/cattypes.htm.  Note that
the final item "Proposed Changes" has already been approved per se on
theforum, so we can proceed with that in mind.  My understanding was that we
(thesite group members) had decided to proceed with the categorization of
the various categories.  So, what's up with the DB/Backend part of this?
Before Jeff (or someone else, under his direction) can proceed, the DB needs
a column added, the main categories (or types) defined and then the
individual categories assigned types.  Rudy, please let me (all of us) know
how this is proceeding, when you have a chance of course :)

Has everyone that wants to help out evolt.org on the backend, design, IA,
coding, HTML, CSS, etc. (anything related to site dev.) filled out the Fact
Finding Mission on the "wiki", located at::

Did I forget anything of importance???  Please let me know.



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