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> > Err, is there *any* way we can stop these messages hitting thelist?
> >
> > i.e., maybe ensuring that the message has a little more body than
> > this?
> >
> > It's a bit embarrassing. Are other lists receiving similar messages in
> > these numbers?
> >
> > Not to say that "Darling" isn't a great name for a thread on
> > thelist...
> i'm still in favor of holding all posts with attachments, as well
> as all non-plain-
> text posts...

Yeah, but the reason we've got what we have now is that
holding all attachments also holds attachments of MIME type
text/plain.  IIRC that was a bleedin nightmare because
of the volume of legit posts getting stopped.

The newer MG mods try to extract plain text from 'rich
text' mails and let them through.

Clearly at the moment we've got something annoying, but
not remotely dangerous.  Mich, Matt, myself and I guess
whoever else is covering (not getting into that one here)
are adding match phrases as fast as possible (I caught the
ones matching '* great a flash *' the other day, for
example) but as Mich says the virus is too random to catch
in that way.

FWIW I can't find a 'Rabid-MIME' option in the interface,
leaving that option slightly outwith our control atm anyway...

John Handelaar

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