[thesite] Those pesky TEXTAREAs

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Apr 29 12:36:01 CDT 2002

>> ... using pixels for the fonts, but even so I agree it's not ideal.
> i hate beating up on rudy

don't apologize, i usually deserve it

> ... but do you think he'd dig that with his fonts otherwise set to

my fonts are the browser defaults

on sites where the font is a bitch to read, i try bumping up my browser
font (from Medium to Larger or Largest -- yes, i surf with internet
explorer), but that usually has no effect, so i often just bail

there was a most interesting thread about this on, ahem, some other web
development discussion list, and the subject veered into the "but the
browsers are all implementing a zoom feature to get around this problem"
territory, whereupon one wag commented

   You can set text in pixels if there is a really good reason
   for it, but it will still be resizable from browsers with dodgy
   text zoom features (as opposed to Opera's page zoom, which
   consistently resizes all parts of a page, not just text).

   Too many web authors abused fixed 'px'-based text for small
   body text, so now we have lost the ability to use it.
   That's life.


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