[thesite] PHP Groupware Project

Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 22:30:00 CDT 2002

>This would be awesome .. thanks a million for picking up on this. I'll
>definitely help debug and set it up (or tell you/GC what to do :) for our
>needs the best I can .. but I don't know a lick of PHP, so I'm not useful to
>program it at all.

It's done. phpGW is new to me, so it's going to get blasted apart to check
there's nothing (deliberately or otherwise) malicious in there. A URL will
be supplied shortly.

>Perhaps, Garrett should give you a brief run-down of what he was looking
>into.  Personally, before we spend the time/energy to redesign it to look
>like an *.e.o site, I think it would be wise for us to see if it meets our
>requirements.  Between Dan, GC and I, we have a pretty good idea of what we
>want it to be able to do, and I think it can do it, but it will definitely
>require *work* to get it to the stage we want.

Well then, you need to define those requirements carefully, and document
them. The sooner I know what they are, the sooner I can start evaluating
the product.


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