[thesite] PHP Groupware Project

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 23:54:00 CDT 2002

i'll try to find the exact req's that we had somewhere as well.. the
'modules' that we did want installed did get installed though, if that

if you want the username/pass for that account, just lemme know

noticing your seti at home rate has been slipping lately.. tsk tsk ;)


Seb wrote:
>> This would be awesome .. thanks a million for picking up on this. I'll
>> definitely help debug and set it up (or tell you/GC what to do :) for our
>> needs the best I can .. but I don't know a lick of PHP, so I'm not
>> useful to
>> program it at all.
> It's done. phpGW is new to me, so it's going to get blasted apart to check
> there's nothing (deliberately or otherwise) malicious in there. A URL will
> be supplied shortly.
>> Perhaps, Garrett should give you a brief run-down of what he was looking
>> into.  Personally, before we spend the time/energy to redesign it to look
>> like an *.e.o site, I think it would be wise for us to see if it meets
>> our
>> requirements.  Between Dan, GC and I, we have a pretty good idea of
>> what we
>> want it to be able to do, and I think it can do it, but it will
>> definitely
>> require *work* to get it to the stage we want.
> Well then, you need to define those requirements carefully, and document
> them. The sooner I know what they are, the sooner I can start evaluating
> the product.

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