[thesite] PHP Groupware Project

Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 11:42:05 CDT 2002

>>I'm lost, has somebody already setup phpgroupware on a box somewhere?
>>This would be a good thing, because after several hours, it won't install
>>on my box. In fact, something is going so badly wrong that it's causing
>>both apache and mysql to segfault. Several others have reported these
>>problems on the savannah.gnu.org forums, but with no replies.
>ack, sorry - didn't mean to confuse.. ya, its set up and running on leo
>right now.. interested?

Right, in that case, lemme at it.

If I can get a shell account, I'll get it up to the latest version and look
into the templating issues. Just lemme know if you need anything signed in
blood first.


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