[thesite] What do you want to do ?

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 12:38:01 CDT 2002

heya william -

i've been doing the mozilla and netscape uploads, but i think theres a
lot of stuff you could also help out on!

a good example is the inconsistancy of the directory structure right
now.. in the navigator folder for example, the structure is os based
like win32/6.1/browser.exe or linuxx86/4.78/browser.tar.gz
while mozilla has a strucutre thats just the opposite like
0.9.8/linux/browser.tar.gz or 0.9.8/macosx/browser.dmg

i've been thinking for a long time that stuff should be organized a bit
better.. would you be interested in something like that?

William Anderson wrote:
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> what's happening with beo?  I notice that some browsers (such as mozilla)
> are being kept reasonably up-to-date, but some are missing, and I'd love to
> see it fully categorised with complete specs on as many browsers as possible
> ... has adrian lost the time to maintain it?  If so, i'd happily step up to
> the podium and give it a bash ...

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