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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 30 13:12:01 CDT 2002

> From: "William Anderson" <neuro at well.com>
> what's happening with beo?  I notice that some browsers (such as
> mozilla) are being kept reasonably up-to-date, but some are missing,
> and I'd love to see it fully categorised with complete specs on as
> many browsers as possible ... has adrian lost the time to maintain it?
>  If so, i'd happily step up to the podium and give it a bash ...

no, it doesn't get updated as often as i like, but partially because
i'm not on the edge of the browser releases anymore... people
notify me, and if i can get the browser, i grab it, test it, and then
upload it... it's not a same-day process anymore, either...

one thing i've wanted to do forever was have the home page rebuilt
to allow the user to sort the listing on platform, version, or whatever
else we can sort by... HTML support is, however, a whole different
animal, and i'd just point them to all the pre-existing charts on the
web... there's no way i can maintain that, not without having a
NeXT box, for instance...

also, while we're on the subject of beo, a big thanks out to harley
jacoubsen for providing archives of IE4-6/win... those were uploaded
to the browser archive this weekend, some 518MB that was not
going as quickly as i'd like...  go ahead, try that on a 56k modem...

there've been a few other updates recently, but nothing major, just
some minor versions and back versions...

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