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| > No, I don't think that's necessary.  We're talking about development
| > and making it better.  We're not discussing deleting it or not
| > supporting it anymore.  Once the development reqs. have been flushed
| > out and those working on the project agree, sure it wouldn't hurt to
| > run it by theforum to make sure there's nothing overlooked.  It's
| > difficult to know what goes where. But if we keep all development of
| > stuff here, I think we'll be better off.
| i brought it up anyway, since there's a lot we *can* talk about with
| beo, especially things like:
| - is it a bandwidth hog that contributes to the costs?
| - can we ask for monies on it when the browsers don't belong to us?
| - other ideas we may miss...

I know what you are saying .. and yeah, those things can be asked on
theforum, it they need to be at this time.  But then the questions become

(1) While discussing ways to pay for evolt.org, do we want to consider
dropping the entire beo project?  As has been said in the past, we're not
desparate at this point to get the cash in hand "right now".  We are however
working on and discussion various options and ways in which we can cover our
costs in the future.  IOW, if we were a company looking for outside
financing, we don't stop all work/business while we wait and determine where
the next round of financing will be coming from.  (That's not the best
analogy .. but I think you get my point.)

(2) Not sure I understand what you are getting at... but if you are talking
about asking for corporate sponsonship donations .. that'll have to be
negotiated/determined on a case-by-case basis .. after theforum has decided
how they wish to proceed.

(3) Other ideas .. yes .. run the development specs by theforum, as common
courtesy and just in case something is missed and if the new development
specs will conflict with anything theforum has in the works.

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