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> well, a) i don't know what access he has since dan didn't let me
> know, and i've been trying to get the beonix archive downloaded so i
> can upload it, and i'd hate to do it if things are being moved...

given the age of beo's presence, i'd hate to see things moved around
arbitrarily - much better to stage manage any major moves to minimise
disruption, and once it's settled, define a reasonably rigid directory
framework to minimise future changes.

I can't see anything major shifting about in the short term, so if there are
concerns on that front, they should be quelled somewhat i hope.

> i'm just surprised is all, given the commentary about limiting access
> and working up a process to determine trust for people access is
> handed to...  i don't mind the help, but i am surprised since it goes
> against what dan has said...

Well, I'm one of the first people to register on evolt, one of the first
_contributers_ to meo, and i've been about evolt like forever, just not very
vocal about helping/doing/contributing towards evolt until now.  Or was it a
generic 'trust' comment that was being made?

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