[thesite] January stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Feb 1 11:04:00 CST 2002

Ciao amici!

January stats for the evolt.org Network are in, kicking off the new year
with another record breaking month..

Hits: 1.9Mil (another new record)
Page Views: 700,000 (another new record!)
Unique hosts: 97,000 (bing!)
Page views/day: 22,500
Data transfer: 83Gb
Data transfer/day: 2.6Gb (oy.)

in depth:

top 5 referers for the month were:
google.com (100K+ referers for about the 9th straight month)
google.yahoo.com (15K referers. top search phrase: 'netscape themes')
altavista.com (7500 referers. top search phrase: 'browsers')
google.de (6000 referers. Ich bin ein evolter!)
slashdot.org (3500 referers. my old spambot article *still* ??)

top 5 search phrases that led people to evolt in Jan:
1518: netscape themes
1388: content management system
623: asp array
620: browsers
613: ntldr is missing
honorable mention: 'igloos' with 155 search phrases!

on the browser side of things, MSIE based browsers were used 68.5% of
the time when accessing evolt.org sites, followed by 13.8% being 'search
engine spiders'(thanks for the help last month from our friends at
MacEdition!), 10.4% of user-agents were Netscape based, with Opera
rounding out the list with around 2.25% of user-agents. honroable
mention to the brave souls using OmniWeb that accounted for just under a
tenth of a percent of user-agents!

the operating systems that people who visit evolt.org use is still
dominated by Windows with around 72.25% of all requests coming from
Windows based machines. oddly enough, windows XP isn't showing up in the
stats, although i'm not sure if this is because no one using xp is
visiting evolt (Very doubtfull), the log analyzer isn't set to pick up
XP yet, or XP based browsers don't report themselves as XP. anyone else
seeing this?

a big evolt cheer to the person who's still using an Amiga to browse the
evolt websites! they didn't show up last month, but in Jan made a strong
showing with just over 100 requests, narrowly edged out by the person(s)
still using OS/2! :)

wrapping things up, the top 5 members.evolt.org accounts for the month were:
deadL0ck, kroet, wkolean, ashcraft(go jer!), and djc(go me!). every
month, i'll also be picking out one members.evolt.org account that i
think is doing something cool, interesting, or wierd. this month, check
out david  olsons site, http://members.evolt.org/dolsen/
Not long is it pleasing to the eye, its got some really cool info about
NASA & Natural Hazards,

"Earth scientists around the world use NASA satellite imagery to better
understand the causes and effects of natural hazards. The goal in
sharing these images is to help people visualize where and when natural
hazards occur, and to help mitigate their effects. "

for the full scoop, the Jan 2002 stats can be found in their entirety at

Have fun, and feel free to bring up any questions or comments :)

Abbia una fine settimana piacevole, mio evoltistas!


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