[thesite] Caching

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Feb 2 12:46:02 CST 2002

On Feb 2, Michele Foster had something to say about [thesite] Caching

>I have to admit to not being real happy that the front page is being cached,
>for what I'll guess is 20 minutes (or so).  If I post a comment or rate an
>article, its not showing up on the front page.  Makes me wonder if I did
>whatever it was correctly, or not.  And what about authors that get a notice
>that their article has been approved, they go to the site and they can't
>find it (right away).  Very confusing ... IMHO.

Yeah, I find it a lot more annoying than I thought I would. Take it out,
I'd say. Maybe we can set up something so that if we start getting a spike
in traffic (like being slashdotted or something) we can run that script we
used to have running that created a static version of the front page.

But, yeah, that query caching is rather annoying. I'm suprised there's no
way to "uncache" the query when a change is made.


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