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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Feb 3 19:23:01 CST 2002

> by the way, when did the subject change from 'VotingReqs' to 'VotingRegs'
> :)

I don't think that I did. It was like that when I came in this morning...

> and every vote would be inserted with a priv level?
> otherwise, you're talking about putting a flag about voting results on the
> poll (or question) table, which i don't like, but may be the only way to
> do this.

I'd prefer the latter. I'm not sure that I see a reason to do the former.

Why wouldn't we set "permissions" at the parent level?

> Well, if we dont' need to to it, I'd rather not. Becuase we'd end up
> putting a field describing votes on the poll or question table, when it
> should be on the vote table.

I'll leave it up to Rudy. I'll wait until you guys have finished all the
database gear before I start planning the templates required.

> should we be moving this to thesite?



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