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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Feb 3 21:38:01 CST 2002

> if *that's* true -- that the priv of the question will be the same priv as
> viewing the result -- then there's no need for this discussion... because
> there's no need for the field at all.
> like i said above, if the question priv is the same as the result priv,
> then there's no need to. but that's not what you originally said. you said
> you wanted to be able to control the viewing of results independant of
> controlling who can vote. putting result privs on the question is what i
> have a problem with.


question.votepriv (can vote on this question)
question.viewpriv (can view the results of this question)

Sorry -- we may have been talking about completely different things.

My CMS has a priv for each of varying actions (view, delete, edit, update,
publish, etc), independent of types. Makes it very easy to have admin only
documents, or for clients to have secretaries about to edit/update
documents, but only managers approve the publishing of, etc. I guess that
I've been thinking in that vein.


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