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Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Mon Feb 4 02:20:00 CST 2002

On Feb 4, isaac had something to say about RE: [thesite] RE: [***forum] Re:...

>> >question.votepriv (can vote on this question)
>> >question.viewpriv (can view the results of this question)
>> why, on gods earth, would viewpriv be on the question if it has to do with
>> whether you can view the votes?
>Because you're viewing the votes ON the question.

that's like saying: put the questions on the poll table because the
questions are ON the poll

>Otherwise if you have vote.viewpriv, where is that data coming from?!

nowhere, that's the problem

>the question.

only becaue you and i can't think of a better place to put it

>And then why the doubling up? No reason (other than possibly

there's (still) no doubling up. the priv currently on the question serves
a completely different (and correct) purpose of describing the priv of the
question. this other priv is the priv on the results... no matter where
you put the field.

>> here's the test of tests: you have absolutely no context and no prior
>> knowledge of this development process. you look at the questions table and
>> you see the field "viewpriv". what immediately comes to mind? that
>> dictates who can view the question right? so, what, are we gonna make the
>> name:
>View question and results together. I don't know why you'd view the results
>without the question.

that has nothing to do with what i asked.

>> question.resultsviewpriv ?
>> sounds like that should really be:
>> result.viewpriv

because it describes the results.

>> which, is really, in our case:
>> vote.viewpriv
>Why? Then it's suddenly on every single vote row instead of just the parent
>question row.

yeah. i'm aware. as i said about 4 posts ago.

>> i guess, what i'm saying is, if you're leaving the database stuff to me,
>> leave it up to me :). i think it's a useless feature that dirties the
>> database design. unless...
>> can you think of an example of when we'd need to use this feature?
>When you would need to restrict voting to one group, and viewing to another.
> - theforum issue: votes from registered voting members. viewing from
> - BoD issue: vote from board. maybe viewing from theforum.

fair enough. but this isn't what you were originally talking about
according to your post on theforum. you were talking about restricting the
viewing of the results of a theforum vote to a subset of registered
theforum members.

>If you'd rather not handle the database because you think it's a dirty
>concept (like you refused to use the author pic... Oops!), I'll find another
>way to take care of it. That's OK.

well, if you have another way to take care of it, that's fine with me
too. will help avoid my cringing during table creation. so, 's all good.

thanks i,


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