[thesite] d.e.o file perms

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 4 11:09:01 CST 2002

> nothing has changed from a configuration standpoint as far as the MySQL
> DB on leo is concerned either.. dir.evolt.org is the only account in use
> in the DB. simon, whats the file you're testing this out with? if i get
> some more details, i'll look into it

The only relevant files are:


The first one displays the directory, the second displays particular
elements and the third is a general class that does the work.

What I've done is add some lines to evoltSQL.php which add comments to the
add a link confirmation page:

Line 85:  echo "<!--CONN=".$this->CONN."-->";
Line 87:  echo "<!--RESULTS=$results-->";
Line 90:  echo "<!--MYSQL_INSERT_ID=$results-->";
Line 459: echo "<!--SQL=$sql-->";

When I go to a category page, click suggest a link, fill in the form with
some sample data and then view source on the confirmation page I get the

<!--SQL=INSERT INTO Links (Url,LinkName,Description,SubmitName,SubmitEmail,
SubmitDate,Approved,Important) values ('http://www.example.com/','This is
a test','Nothing to see here!','Simon Coggins','ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk',
1012842253,0,0) --><!--CONN=Resource id #1--><!--RESULTS=1-->
<!--MYSQL_INSERT_ID=369--><!--CONN=Resource id #1-->

This is correct as far as I can tell. The SQL is valid (I can paste it
into phpMyAdmin and it will work). The connection is established and an id
returned, but the data just doesn't show up in the database. The second
connection is expected too, that's just an entry being made in the
LinkCats table.

That's why I'm confused - everything seems to be fine. Also, this just
happened one day, I hadn't made any changes to the code. That's what makes
me think it's a configuration issue.

Any ideas welcome,


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