[thesite] d.e.o file perms

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 4 11:20:01 CST 2002

Simon -

Whats the URL you're using to get to PhpMyAdmin ? I just put 2 and 2
together and realized that phpMyAdmin isn't able to access the MySQL DB on

http://lists.evolt.org/phpMyAdmin/ is the URL you should be using from now
on.. Is the stuff in *that* db?

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Simon Coggins wrote:

> > nothing has changed from a configuration standpoint as far as the MySQL
> > DB on leo is concerned either.. dir.evolt.org is the only account in use
> > in the DB. simon, whats the file you're testing this out with? if i get
> > some more details, i'll look into it
> The only relevant files are:
> /home/evolt/deo_html/index.php
> /home/evolt/includes/evoltDisplayFunctions.php
> /home/evolt/includes/evoltSQL.php
> The first one displays the directory, the second displays particular
> elements and the third is a general class that does the work.
> What I've done is add some lines to evoltSQL.php which add comments to the
> add a link confirmation page:
> Line 85:  echo "<!--CONN=".$this->CONN."-->";
> Line 87:  echo "<!--RESULTS=$results-->";
> Line 90:  echo "<!--MYSQL_INSERT_ID=$results-->";
> Line 459: echo "<!--SQL=$sql-->";
> When I go to a category page, click suggest a link, fill in the form with
> some sample data and then view source on the confirmation page I get the
> following:
> <!--SQL=INSERT INTO Links (Url,LinkName,Description,SubmitName,SubmitEmail,
> SubmitDate,Approved,Important) values ('http://www.example.com/','This is
> a test','Nothing to see here!','Simon Coggins','ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk',
> 1012842253,0,0) --><!--CONN=Resource id #1--><!--RESULTS=1-->
> <!--MYSQL_INSERT_ID=369--><!--CONN=Resource id #1-->
> <!--RESULTS=1--><!--MYSQL_INSERT_ID=0-->
> This is correct as far as I can tell. The SQL is valid (I can paste it
> into phpMyAdmin and it will work). The connection is established and an id
> returned, but the data just doesn't show up in the database. The second
> connection is expected too, that's just an entry being made in the
> LinkCats table.
> That's why I'm confused - everything seems to be fine. Also, this just
> happened one day, I hadn't made any changes to the code. That's what makes
> me think it's a configuration issue.
> Any ideas welcome,
> Simon

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