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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 5 13:24:00 CST 2002

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From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>

| On Feb 5, Michele Foster had something to say about [thesite] The
| >(5)  Registration page on weo .. we need to add this list as an option (I
| >think) .. in addition to thelist.  However, is this even possible at this
| >time?  Can MG commands be sent for two different lists from weo to leo?
| >have no clue)
| i think it's possible only through a hack: cf creating a POST to the
| submission page with the new submission command (emulating someone
| submitting the form on the leo submission page)

Ok .. I wasn't sure if it was possible to send POST commands to two lists
yet using one submit button.  I'll leave that to the experts to sort out :)

| >(7)  Are we going to have archives for this new list ?  I don't really
| >the need for them .. but at the same time, I don't have any compelling
| >reason not to have them.
| no archives. if there's a reason to create them later, we can run the
| archive util off of teh .mbox file, i think. no use wasting space with the
| html version until we decide we need it.

Yeah, I agree.

| >(8)  Somewhere on weo .. we need to add a "want to know when this site is
| >modified" option.  Exactly where this will appear, I'm not sure.  But it
| >should be another option .. which means this new list actually has three
| >ways to subscribe to it .. (weo registration page, leo itself and this
| >one).
| i dont' agree with this. i think it implies that if you dont' get a
| headlines mailer, the site hasn't changed. a drawing feature on our site
| is the discussions in comments. what it should really say is "want to know
| when new articles are posted".

Yes .. I chose my words poorly.

and why should this be duplicated on a
| place other than the account page? i think the checkbox onthe account page
| will be enough.

Well, I was under the impression one of the main goals of this new list was
to notify people when new articles are posted .. not just those individuals
already subbed to thelist, and/or not those that already have a userid on
weo (or those that create a new one).  IOW, target those users of our site
who have not joined anything yet, but would be interested in knowing when
new articles are posted.  If we hide this option away on the register and/or
leo pages, then we aren't targetting those who this list is really for...
our non-subbed visitors.

I think it needs to be highlighted on the main page .. and for the time
being, until the redesign is done ... we need to put it somewhere.  (I
hesitate to say the sidebar .. but that is probably our only real option at
this point.)


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