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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 5 13:37:00 CST 2002


> From: Michele Foster
> | i think it's possible only through a hack: cf creating
> | a POST to the submission page with the new submission
> | command (emulating someone submitting the form on the
> | leo submission page)
> Ok .. I wasn't sure if it was possible to send POST
> commands to two lists yet using one submit button.
> I'll leave that to the experts to sort out :)

not directly from the browser, but doing it server-side with coldfusion.

> | and why should this be duplicated on a place other
> | than the account page? i think the checkbox on the
> | account page will be enough.
> Well, I was under the impression one of the main goals
> of this new list was to notify people when new articles
> are posted .. not just those individuals already subbed
> to thelist, and/or not those that already have a userid
> on weo (or those that create a new one).  IOW, target
> those users of our site who have not joined anything
> yet, but would be interested in knowing when new
> articles are posted.  If we hide this option away on
> the register and/or leo pages, then we aren't
> targetting those who this list is really for... our
> non-subbed visitors.
> I think it needs to be highlighted on the main page ..
> and for the time being, until the redesign is done ...
> we need to put it somewhere.  (I hesitate to say the
> sidebar .. but that is probably our only real option
> at this point.)

agreed, though i think the idea that theheadlines is for non-registered
members is a falsity.  i think we can use the call to action for
theheadlines list to get them to register for w.e.o. as well, but all at the
same time.  remember, we should be doing as much as possible to tie the
systems, username/password combinations, and email addresses together, not
promoting things that could fragment them (ie, theheadlines call to action
just draws them straight to theheadlines subscription page on l.e.o.).



jeff at members.evolt.org

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