[thesite] Company Merger

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 5 15:45:00 CST 2002

Hi Madhu,

I think that restriction is on .. but I'm not 100% sure how to find that
out.  The person that sent the message did send it to thesite at l.e.o address.

Thanks though,


----- Original Message -----
From: "Madhu Menon" <webguru at vsnl.net>

| At 11:34 PM 2/5/2002, thesite-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
| >Do we dis-allow this person to post in the future?  I was wondering how
| >do that .. if they aren't subbed, which they aren't.
| One measure: hold all messages that don't have the list address in either
| the "To:" or "CC:" field. IIRC, this is on for thelist and thechat.

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