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Shirley Kaiser (SKDesigns) skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Sun Feb 10 23:24:00 CST 2002

At 07:12 PM 2/9/2002, you typed:
> > From: Chris Spruck <cspruck at mindspring.com>
> > >
> > >http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20020204/date.html
> >
> > Looks like the <h1>-<h6> tags in the subject line where it breaks is
> > getting parsed in the browser.
>heh... sorry guys...

If you want to use markup, just add a dot in there, such as <.h1>-<.h6>. I
recently moderated another design discussion digest for about a year, and I
certainly heard when strange things happened with all the e-mail programs
out there. Just adding that dot fixed it, and then I just made a quick
mention about it not really belonging there. Worked fine, and I suspect it
would work here, too. I seldom see markup in subjects anyway, though.

Just my 2 cents....


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