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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Feb 12 14:15:00 CST 2002

Hi John,

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You may wish to submit a job posting to our web site.  This will allow you
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I'm going to contact you off list about this opportunity, as I am a
freelancer myself.  I wanted to respond to you from an evolt.org perspective
as well.

Kind regards,


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From: "John Ponic - CyberSync Hosting & Award Winning Web Design"

| Hi,
| Not sure if we're in the right area if not maybe you could direct us. We
| need help with a web site and probably some database features. The
| question is do you or do you know of free lance programmers or firms
| that could be hired out?
| Our client is on a Windows 2K with 1 ODBS DSN connection allowed. We
| need to use MS Access to upload the data and maintain it. We then need
| to select records and output them to a web page.
| More detail is available for the full project so we can get a cost of
| completing the project, but no point in going further at this stage if
| we're just wasting your time.
| Hope you can help make some recommendations.
| Thank you,
| John

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