[thesite] oops .. Archives

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Feb 15 07:14:01 CST 2002

Hi Folks

<quote from admin>
maybe some o' that lovely poached salmon colour that we have in the
archives now?

We changed the colour (greyish/blueish) used for the background of the
archive.  Font sizes were taken out, they are now sizable via the user's
browser.  I added some line spacing between the archive list elements to
make them easier to read.  Dan increased the spacing on the main archive
page for readability.  Reversed the colours for link and visited, as they
were "reverse" of what they logically should be.  Fixed the font used for
the messages .. which greatly improved the italics problem some had noticed.

Dan's re-indexed thelist, so that all the changes will take affect and the
archives will be consistent.  Garrett  wrote a fancy redirect program in PHP
to handle the broken links to the old archives.  Which happened when we
upgraded MG originally. :(  Google will hopefully reindex us very soon...
after which, we'll see very few redirected links.  :)

Dan's gonna put together a short article for Community News once everything
is done.  (Well, since I've done this already .... hehehe .. Dan, want to
fill in any technical info and I'll compile it and submit it. )

I guess we all forgot to mention it to thesite .. ooops


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