[thesite] proposed CSS addition

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Feb 15 22:49:03 CST 2002


Why would we want to add something that has so little support?  IMHO, if its
not working correctly in IE nor NS, then its not worth adding.  We'd be
better off finding another solution.

That said, I don't have opera here, so, I'm not 100% sure what it is you are
trying to achieve (and I'm too tired atm to go d/l it ;).  Your sample looks
rather odd in IE5.5 .. I only see a line at the top of and left side of the
table .. makes it look "incomplete" or "in error".

Another thing to consider, is it worth adding when very few will ever use
it, because they don't know it exists?

Bottom line, let's get it working, however it is that you want it to work ..
then we'll talk about adding it.


(btw, great article .. it's sure to be one I print out for the charts.  It's
always annoyed me that the w3c didn't display the characters .. thanks :)

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From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>

| table.data { border-top : 1px solid #000000 ;
| border-left : 1px solid #000000 ; }
| table.data > tr >th { border-right : 1px solid #000000 ;
| border-bottom : 1px solid #000000 ; }
| table.data > tr > td { border-right : 1px solid #000000 ;
| border-bottom : 1px solid #000000 ; }
| anyway, demo at:
| http://roselli.org/evolt/character.asp
| looks great in Opera 6, not perfect in IE5.5 or N6.2...
| (btw, this article is *not* approved yet, and needs revision before
| that happens... please do *not* consider the content of the article
| when considering the CSS)

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