[thesite] Now there's something you don't see everyday...

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Feb 27 11:28:00 CST 2002

If you sort by author instead of thread, you get a much larger marquee.
Quite amusing.

Wasn't the last hiccup also due to a tag in the subject? If you go to
aard's message, the tag isn't parsed.

Not that you guys haven't noticed the patter, but it's only 8:26 here
and I just got my first cup of coffee ... zzzzzzzz


aardvark wrote:

>>From: Ben Dyer <ben_dyer at imaginuity.com>
>>At the bottom...looks like it's interpreting the <marquee> tag. :)
> rotflmao!!
> egad, that's twice this month i've busted the archives...
> dan, i am *so* sorry...
> we'll look into it, folks...

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