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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Wed Jan 2 12:44:30 CST 2002

At 11:34 PM 1/2/2002, .jeff typed these words:

>there's a popup the first time you use it the asking if you'd like to leave
>it on (or is it asking to enable it?  i don't recall).

Yep. It asks whether you want to turn it on.

>i use auto complete for quick form fill-in when testing/debugging
>applications.  for me, it's a life-saver.  i also regularly find myself

It's saved me so many keystrokes that I'd be lost without it. Every time a 
user name, email, etc. has to be entered, autocomplete saves me time and 
also prevents me from making typos.  For example, by using the autocomplete 
for usernames, I make sure that I actually enter "themadman" every time, 
eliminating the possibility that I might make a mistake typing it in.

In fact, I'm thinking of turning it into a usability tool for some sites. 
If, for instance, I were setting up a bookstore on the Net, it would be 
helpful to use the same field name for the input box ("field-keywords") as 
If the user had searched Amazon for a book earlier and searches for the 
same book on my site, IE's autocomplete would kick in and help the user. 
Cool, eh?

>deleting entries like "asdf", "adsf", etc. or using those entries on
>registration forms for sites i'm certain will be spamming me.  email?  down
>arrow, highlight "asdf at asdf.asd", tab.  *grin*

Use sneakemail.com, Jeff. Track those spammer vermin down. :)


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